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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

$17 + $11.90 = $FUCK YOU!

That was the cost of a moofie ticket to see Hellboy II - The Golden Army and a medium popcorn and coke at Hoyts last weekend.

$28.90 = the price of a DVD of Hellboy II when it comes out in a couple of months, which I can watch on the 46" HD LCD at home and get more enjoyment out of because of the following:
  1. There is no pair of fuckheads talking through the movie who are sitting next to me, or if there are, I can tell them to leave B). DVD extras
  2. Pause for toilet breaks
  3. Better popcorn and non-flat coke
  4. I can watch it whenever the Hell I like

The price of cinema tickets these days is ridiculous and with the absolute explosion in people in Australia downloading moofies you'd think they'd have some better ideas about how to get the punters in rather than raise the prices. And yet The Dark Knight has just become the second highest grossing film of all time - so perhaps it's the studios' fault for not making films that you just have to see at the cinema?

Not to mention the proliferation of the home cinema and the ability to buy one DVD for many people to watch at the same time. Cinemas need to start offering more than what they are giving us and Gold Class or half-pipe is not the answer.

Bah! I'll be seeing Wall-E at the cinema this year but I can't think of anything else to spend $17 on at the flicks unless I go on a tight-arse Tuesday.

It's starting to be that I will only go once or twice a year outside of the film festival to see the major block busters I am interested in and the rest can be seen on DVD or downloaded. It's a crazy world when a trip to the moofies is not something to look forward to...

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