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Thursday, March 12, 2009

PROJECT 365: 35 - 46

35. Possibly, Maybe - I've always liked Ryan Reynolds as both and action man and a leading man for romantic comedies, this is of the latter variety and he does a pretty good job carrying a film that is relatively standard fare. It was rather enjoyable with nothing too disagreeable in there and it was nice to see Isla Fischer getting some good screen time. 3/5

36. *Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within - just had to check this out on the home theatre screen. It's quite a good film with amazing animation, it doesn't make a massive amount of sense but with great voice talent and a very nice score you can overlook that. 3/5

37. Rachel Getting Married - Anne Hathaway is fantastically unlikeable, annoying and just plain screwed up in this weird little film and I really enjoyed it the whole way through. Seriously strange family and the weirdest wedding scene in film history with great performances and fantastic script make this a must see for any indie film fan, also tugs at the heart strings quite powerfully. 4.5/5

38. Seven Pounds - Will Smith hams it up in this paint-by-the-numbers drama about a dude who is feeling rather guilty about once being a douche bag and killing a bunch of people, thus he spends the rest of his life paying back his "seven pounds of flesh". It was sad and uplifting when it needed to be but there was nothing really revallatory about it. 3/5

39. Eagle Eye - I figured out who the chick on the phone was pretty quickly and their big reveal was a bit of a let down. Check your brain at the door and just enjoy the strange ride witht he bright lights and loud noises. 1.5/5

40. The Wrestler - despite the overuse of bind-the-protagonist camera work where we are pretty much just following people around, this is actually a seriously good film. Who knew Mickey Rourke could actually act? Also, Marissa Tomei's breasts are a revelation. 4/5.

41. How To Lose Friends And Alienate People - quite an amusing if predictable Simon Pegg comedy vehicle with pretty good performances all round and a rather amusing script. 3/5

42. Terms of Endearment - had to finally check out this supposed classic tear jerker. It's a strange film eh? Debra Winger is just plain nuts but I think Shirley Maclean and Jack Nicholson really carry this film. 2.5/5

43. Watchmen - certainly not your typical comic book film! The 2hrs 40mins just fly by mainly due to a fantastically dark script and some great performances, especially from Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach. However, beware the blue penis. 4.5/5

44. Hitman - amusing enough although the story is ridiculous as is much of the so called "acting" (Dougray Scott is exactly the same in every single film he's ever been in). In the end more mindless violence just for the Hell of it although Timothy Olyphaunt's way of carrying himself as number 47 was pretty cool. 1.5/5

45. Run Fatboy Run - yet another predictable though rather amusing Simon Pegg film, nice to Hank Azaria although maybe saw a little to much of him. 2/5

46. 1408 - ho hum Stephen King horror film. I'm a major fan of John Cusack but the script and the non-scariness of this film were just too ridiculous. 0.5/5