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Monday, June 27, 2011

Films in 2011 - MAY (8 / 81)

74 The Troll Hunter 3
75 Paper Man 2
76 The Objective 0.5
77 *Fantastic Four 2.5
78 Straw Dogs 2
79 Source Code 2.5
80 I've Loved You So Long 4
81 Insidious 2

Films in 2011 - APRIL (10 / 73)

64 *Serenity 2
65 How I Ended This Summer 1
66 Next 1
67 Suspect Zero 1.5
68 The War You Don't See 5
69 Incendies 4
70 Paul 3
71 Unstoppable 0.5
72 Thor 3.5
73 Scream 4 3

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Films in 2011 - SMARCH (14 / 63)

Again, might add reviews/notes later on.

50 The Boat That Rocked 3
51 The Adjustment Bureau 3.5
52 Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room 4
53 Rango 3.5
54 Meet The Spartans 0.1
55 National Geographic - Drain The Oceans 1.5
56 Battle Los Angeles 3
57 Waiting for Superman 4
58 For The Bible Tells Me So 2.5
59 From Paris With Love 1
60 Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door 2.5
61 Griff The Invisible 3
62 Reagan 3
63 Never Let Me Go 3.5

Films in 2011 - FEBRUARY (19 / 49)

Been slack, but who cares eh? Might add reviews later.

31 The Limey 3
32 The Squid and The Whale 3
33 Inside The Firestorm 5
34 *Kung Fu Panda
35 *Hulk
36 The Other Guys 1
37 Get Him To The Greek 2
38 La Haine 3
39 The Tillman Story 2.5
40 Restrepo 2
41 Hotel Rwanda 3.5
42 The Future of Food 4
43 talhotblond 3
44 *Jurassic Park 3.5
45 *The Abyss 4
46 Alien Vs Predator 1
47 Conviction 3
48 Unknown 2.5
49 The Smashing Machine 1.5

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Films in 2011 - JANUARY (30 / 30)

Another year, another slew of films. After a month and a half (it's now Feb 16th) I'm actually keeping pretty good pace, maybe PROJECT 365 isn't as dead as first thought?

I couldn't be arsed adding IMDB links any more, it's not like anyone reads this blog so why bother making no one's life easier by adding links?

*Toy Story 3 - not as good the second time around, just didn't have that sense of wonder that the first one seems to still be able to evoke.

Black Death - a rather pedestrian film with very average performances, effects and a rather poor script. Some mildly entertaining gore and a bit of a twist lifts it slightly. 1.5 / 5

44 Inch Chest - not the film I was expecting. For some reason I thought this was some kind of heist film, when in reality it's about a bunch of foul mouthed criminals who have kidnapped a man for sleeping with one of their wives and it focuses on what they plan on doing to him. Good performances but not for everyone. 2.5 / 5

Jennifer's Body - pathetically crap. Gets half a point for the glimpses of Megan Fox's body. 0.5 / 5

*Avatar - this was the extended cut, only one scene seemed to really add to the story (the school room) but otherwise it's still the same technically brilliant but still kinda rubs me the wrong way film.

Road to Guantanamo - doco about some UK citizens caught in Afghanistan and sent to the titular prison. I'm still not 100% convinced they weren't there for some other, possibly nefarious reasons, but either way their treatment was horrendous. 2.5 / 5

Clash of the Titans - what was the fucking point? Seriously? Gets 1 for some nice effects but otherwise this is a blight on modern cinema. 1 /5

Tangled - a return to classic Disney cinema which they attempted with The Princess & The Frog but this outshines it a hundred-fold. Great story, great humour, not unpleasant songs. 4 / 5

*The Aristocrats - still funny, still filthy.

Humpday - fairly average film that had some interesting points, but mostly quite slow and pedestrian with no real flair in story or acting. 1.5 / 5

Kingdom of Heaven - this is the Director's cut (I've not seen the apparently appalling theatrical release) and although it was interesting and had some great action pieces, I just detest Orlando Bloom as an actor - he's totally shite and casting him was a major mistake. 2.5 / 5

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - In April 2002, an Irish film crew is making a documentary about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, when a coup from the opposition is made. Interesting although I wish it went into more detail about the clearly US backing of the Opposition coup. Fascinating sections on how state run TV can be used against and for a Government to sway the opinions of the people. 2 / 5

Grizzly Man - Werner Herzog doco about an absolute nutter who clearly has various mental issues and a fascination with bears and their conservation that eventually leads to his death at their jaws and paws. 3 / 5

Children of Beslan - heartbreaking doco about the siege in Beslan told entirely by children who were there, recalling the horror. 3 / 5

Death of a President - interesting but ultimately bland faux-doco about the assassination of George Bush and how blaming an innocent Arab-American and ignoring the evidence can have devastating consequences. 2.5

The Town - quite a good drama with good performances, a strong script and good direction. 3.5

Imagine You & Me - nice little rom-com/drama about a woman getting married to a great guy who then realises she has feelings for another woman and the drama and hi-jinks ensue. Some of the set ups are ridiculously stupid - sure we'll let a florist run around our wedding and reception dancing with the guests. 2.5

The Fighter - fantastic film with great performances all round and some hilariousness throughout. The women were especially strong and Christian Bale was mesmerising. 4.5

St. Trinian's - checked it out to see Lena Headey who is barely in it, but at least Gemma Arterton looks great. Was kinda funny and a bit silly, dunno if I'll bother with the sequel. 1.5

Hollywoodland - I've had this fir a while and didn't check it out 'cause I thought I wouldn't like it, but in the end it's an interesting look a a tragic death and goes into what may have happened. Affleck was fantastic as Reeves. 3.5

Tomorrow, When The War Began - was in keeping with the book although I found Ellie to be a little too pretty for how she is described. I do hope they make the rest of the series but I doubt they'll go beyond another 1 or 2 if any at all. Entertaining, oh and I think I counted maybe 10 or 12 Oz songs heard by 25 minutes in - give ti a rest! 2.5

44 Minutes - faux-docudrama (i.e. actors play all the parts and has no original footage) of the insane 1994 shootout between two bank robbers and dozens of cops on the streets of L.A. Was interesting but you get more out of a 10 minute clip of the real event on YouTube, to be honest. 2 / 5

Black Swan - good performances, a compelling story, some great effects (and one ro two stupid ones) all wrapped up in a very satisfying movie. Lost a point due to Aronofsky shoving mirrors/reflections down our throat and too much unneeded shaky cam. 4 / 5

Legend of the Guardians - boring story, crap voice acting (for the most part) but absolutely stunning animation. If only this aussie animation studio would get some good source material, they could kick arse with a great fantasy or sci-fi story. 2 / 5

Trade - the tragic tale of several girls kidnapped in Mexico and sold across the US border to pedophiles, the story of a brother searching for his abducted sister and a father searching for a daughter he doesn't know. Interesting and heartfelt story, good acting though not great, and a satisfying conclusion - good for a Sunday arvo. 2.5

The Green Hornet - surprisingly funny, stupidly ridiculous action and a fun popcorn entertainment flick is born. 3.5

Stop-Loss - a bit too cliched, especially when it comes to the behaviour of the squad mates, also the initial scenes in Iraq made no sense at all - yes, let's go into the obvious ambush. 2.5

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day - dull and uninspired sequel to a great film. It should not have been made. 1.5

Body of Lies - interesting if a little overwrought, some good acting and a satisfyingly tense conclusion despite some obvious red herrings. 3 / 5

Centurion - gory, mindless action where you know exactly what is going to happen but you stick around for all the decapitations and ridiculous acting. 2 / 5

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Films in 2010 - December (24 / 192)

Kick-Ass - brilliant, loved it, real piss-take on the typical superhero film. Cage was hilarious, the whole cast was great. 4/5

*Road Trip - it was on TV, I was bored, it's even worse than I recall. 0.5/5

Loose Change 911 An American Coup - another poorly made conspiracy doco about the 9-11 attacks. Actually has a few interesting points but is clearly made by a kid cobbling vision together and with a really bad voice over. Once again doesn't provide any evidence whatsoever for many of the crazier theories, though the ones about the buildings being already rigged to blow are scarily plausible. 1.5/5

*Catfish - still a good film, showed it to the housemate who kept trying to guess what was going on. 3.5/5

Brooklyn's Finest - one of those cops and drug dealer films that you just know won't have a happy ending, and of course it doesn't. Great performances and a pretty good script though. 3/5

The Aviator - had not seen this before and really enjoyed it, Blanchett was absolutely marvellous. 3.5/5

Megamind - quite funny and well voice acted (though Brad Pitt's vpice didn't fit is role), loved the Superman jokes. Still not sold on 3D, it didn't add anything to the admittedly already brilliant animation. 3/5

Predators - dumb, stupid fun with absolutely no surprises. Laurence Fishburne was bloody funny. 2/5

The King's Speech - Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT film. Not perfect, but brilliant. Rush is getting all the Oscar buzz but it should be Firth as he was just perfect in his role, I couldn't take my eyes off him whenever he was on screen. Helena Bonham-Carter was perfect as well. 4.5/5

*True Crime - classic Eastwood thriller. I read the book ages ago and saw the film soon after, still an enjoyable film to see despite already knowing the ending. 3/5

The Fourth Kind - your basic alien abduction thriller with the twist of using "dramatisations of real footage", ahem, yes. It was interesting and fun, had a few tense moments but overall kinda ho-hum. 2.5/5

Shrek Forever After - quite dull, deriviative, all been done before and really lackluster, saved only by a few random laughs. I really hope the planned 5th and 6th films don't come out but this still made plenty of money so I suspect they will. 2/5

Bigger Stronger Faster - interesting doco about 3 brothers in the sport of power-lifting and their struggle with using anabolic steroids. Goes into some fo the scientific scare mongering as well as analysing famous people using them, doesn't really give a definitive answer but is fascinating all the same. 3/5

Despicable Me - deploringly predictable and not as good as many reviewers made out, watchable but rather meh. 2.5/5

Skyline - great concept, damn good execution, deplorable script, atrocious acting, some pretty good special effects, and ending that is just vomit worthy in its stupidity. 2/5

Robin Hood - actually quite the enjoyable romp. Some silly bits but I enjoyed the humour and the set up (clearly this begs for sequels) though was weird seeing American actors do British accents (for some reason not as weird as Aussies doing them). Crowe doesn't destroy the film. 3.5/5

*How To Train Your Dragon - just as much fun the second time around. 4/5

The Princess and the Frog - I can see what Disney tried to do here by moving the action to New Orleans, and it works, but just not well enough for me to be more than reasonably entertained by this relatively traditional Disney fare.. 2.5/5

Armadillo - fascinating embedded doco as we follow a squad of Danish soldiers sent to Afghanistan. Visceral, interesting, scary, real, eye opening. Not the best Afghan War doco, but up there with the best. 4/5

I'm Still Here - Joaquin Phoenix is without a doubt one of the most brave and versatile actors of the modern age, this film is raw and funny and sad and depressing and ultimately, despite the fact it's not "real" really quite a fascinating look at the Celebrity Machine. 3.5/5

Hachi: A Dog's Story - just a wonderful, poignant, well crafter family film with a beautiful and bittersweet message. Makes me want to see the original. 4/5

The Ghost Writer - a writer is drafted to finish the memoirs of a Tony Blair-esque ex Brit PM but all is not what it seems and the mystery of what his predecessor was up to opens up a whole can of worms. It's well made but really, Polanski needed someone to take a look at the script for him - the obviousness of the twist gets figured out far too early (well I did anyway) and so the rest of the film becomes a bit of a paint-by-numbers game, but having said that it's still an enjoyable film to watch. He just made the clues far to obvious or overt. Still an interesting film but yeah, definitely has script problems. Oh and why he cast Kim Cattrall in a British role I'll never know, what a mistake that was. 2.5/5

*Alien 3 - really not sure why this film gets such a bad rap, I've always liked it though it is very similar to the first film. 3/5

*Alien Resurrection - some fun scenes and great effects let down by quite a poor conclusion. 2.5/5

So a pretty good year in film with the standout being THE ACTRESSES. Managed to almost hit 200, almost as good as my Project 365 attempt in 2009.

So far in January I'm up to 18 films by the 18th, maybe I can get over the previous record of 209 in 2009, time will tell.

God this blog is pointless, I dunno why I bother updating it...