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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Films in 2010 - October (7 / 152)

*Wargames - it's a bit dated but still good fun. 3/5

*The Shawshank Redemption - despite being beloved by idiotic footballers the world over, it really is quite a good film. 4.5/5

Buried - 97 minute film, 96mins 30secs of that is Ryan Reynolds in a box (and the 30 seconds that isn't ain't what you might think it is). Brilliant concept executed extremely well, the tension is ramped up to 10 from the beginning and never lets up. 4/5

*The Sixth Sense - only the second time I've seen this film and it really is Shyamalan's only truly great film (though I also love Unbreakable). 4.5/5

Made In Dagenham - interesting, funny, mildly historically accurate, well acted, quite enjoyable. 3.5/5

RED - great dumb fun with Malkovich, Willis, Mirren, Freeman and especially Cox tearing up the screen to great effect. Louise-Parker is annoying, Urban works well with what he's got, stupid action done well. 4/5

*Seabiscuit - classic and a great film. 4/5

Yeah, October was a little sparse on the moofie front.

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