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Friday, October 24, 2008


Just a list to remind me to stop watching TV, stop going to the pub, and get on that couch and read Boy, READ! In no particular order as I decide on a whim when I finish each book which one to read next. (Number) indicates an omnibus edition or series.

Here are the ones actually on my shelf:
  1. Kevin J Anderson - The Ashes of Worlds (just started this morning)
  2. Terry Pratchett - Nation
  3. Lynne Truss - Eats, Shoots & Leaves
  4. John Lindqvist - Let The Right One In
  5. Mervyn Peake - The Gormenghast Trilogy (3)
  6. Hugh Cook - Chronicles of an Age of Darkness (9 - gotta find #10)
  7. Glen Cook - First Chronicles of the Black Company (2 - already read book 1)
  8. John Scalzi - The Ghost Brigades & The Last Colony (2)
  9. Jeff Lindsay - Dexter In The Dark
  10. Ian Cameron Esslemont - Return of the Crimson Guard
  11. Robin Hobb - Shaman's Crossing (need to buy the 2 sequels first)
  12. Stephen King - The Mist (and other short stories)
  13. China Mieville - Perdido Street Station
  14. Fritz Leiber - Ill Met in Lankhmar
  15. Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn (need to buy the 2 sequels first)
  16. Rudyard Kipling - The Complete Jungle Book
  17. Herman Melville - Moby Dick
  18. Gene Wolfe - Severian of the Guild (4)
  19. Daniel Abraham - The Long Price (2)
  20. Greg Keyes - Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone (4)
  21. Michael Moorcock - Various (if I ever get 'round to them)
  22. David Gunn - Death's Head
  23. Martin/Dozois/Abraham - Hunter's Run
So yeah, I guess that proves I'm sort of a compulsive book buyer who really should actually read more. Some of those I've had forever (Moorcock, Leiber, Hobb) and the list just kinda proves that I need to join a library and try and save my pennies... Nah, bugger that!

I've also got a list of books I still want to buy that is actually longer than that above... Woo hoo! :)

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If you get tired of Gormenghast it is out in mini-series. Saw it on VHS a few years ago. Most interesting although I didn't make it through the books.